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Asia Accompany
Chinese French Translation Agency in Lyon (69)

Asia Accompany specialises in interpreting and translation in Chinese and other Asian languages. Our head office is in Lyon, the second largest city in France.

Mrs. JIANG - LAINE Hua, originally from China’s Sichuan Province, established Asia Accompany in May 2001, cashing in on her years of experiences in doing interpreting and translation in Chinese-English-French.

Depuis sa création, Asia Accompany joue un rôle essentiel entre les sociétés françaises et chinoises. Son réseau permanent et efficace contribue à la réussite des relations commerciales entre la Chine et la France.

Asia Accompany has played a vital role between French and Chinese Companies. We have successfully helped both Chinese and French partners with import-export businesses and language interpreting and translation.

In China, Asia Accompany works with its professional partners so as to meet the increasing demand of accompaniment, interpreting and translation in the commercial exchanges between China and France.

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