Interpreting agency


Asia Accompany specialises in interpreting and translation in Asian languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese.

Our bi-cultural interpreters are originally from Asian countries and have been living in France for many years. These professionals will accompany you in your commercial and technical activities.

  • Interpreting of liaison and consecutive : Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, English and French. This kind of interpreting is adapted for all kinds of commercial negotiation, visit in factory, quality control, audit of the system of quality assurance, training for your Asian partners, and visits of international fairs.
  • Phone interpreting : we assist you in your videoconferences with your Asian partners.
  • Recording :We will do the recordings of your advertising films or DVDS in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese languages.
  • Interpreter-guide : Our interpreters accompany business groups and individuals in France, Europe and Asian countries.

Our interpreters/translators in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese have accumulated extensive experiences in various fields: administration, commerce, culture and industry.

Adaptation and flexibility are the key factors of our success.