What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer when visiting a site or viewing an advertisement. They aim to collect information about your browsing sites and to send you personalized services. In your computer cookies are managed by your internet browser. You can find more information about cookies by visiting the following sites :


By using the website, you authorize us to install cookies on your device. This policy is designed to explain what these cookies do to us and what they do.

Cookies strictly necessary

These are the cookies necessary for the functioning of the site. They allow you to use the main features of the site (eg use of a shopping cart or access to a private area). Without these cookies, you will not be able to use certain sites normally.

Analytical Cookies

These are cookies that allow to know the use and the performances of the site and to improve the functioning of it (for example, which pages are most often accessed through the installed Google Analytics tool).

Functional cookies

These cookies allow us to memorize the choices you made (for example: your username, your language) and to offer you better features that will be personalized. The information collected by these cookies does not make it possible to follow your activity on the other sites visited.

Cookies from other websites

Le site Internet peut contenir des liens renvoyant vers d’autres sites, et nous ne savons pas quels sont les cookies utilisés par ces derniers. Pour en savoir plus, veuillez consulter les informations fournies par ces sites tiers sur leurs propres cookies.

Accept or refuse cookies

The setting of your internet browser
You can always choose to disable these cookies. Your browser can also be set to notify you of the cookies that are stored in your computer and ask you to accept them or not. You can accept or refuse cookies on a case-by-case basis or refuse them systematically once and for all. We remind you that the setting is likely to change your access conditions to different services that require the use of cookies. If your browser is set to refuse all cookies, you will not be able to make purchases or take advantage of essential features of certain sites, such as storing items in your cart or receiving personalized recommendations. In order to manage cookies as close as possible to your expectations, we invite you to set your browser taking into account the purpose of cookies as mentioned above.